Wall Washer Gen1

Wall Washer Gen1

Slim Bar


Key Features


  • Slim Wallwasher 9W-0.5m 18W-1.0m 24W-1.5m;
  • 24VDC Operating, linkable up to 8 lights;
  • Lighting to 9~15FT height with vertical 180D Rotatable;
  • Metal Aluminum body IP67 waterproof for In/Out Door Application
  • Perfect for architecture, Building, Bridge Wall Wash, Shopping Mall and indoor decoration etc.

The SL1WWS series light is an aesthetic and robust design decorating light. It is built with high power, high saturate LED chip, metal aluminum body with IP67 waterproof and erosion-proof performance. The light bar is linkable up to 8Pcs (1Meter Model) and can be hot plug and play. It is vertically 180D rotatable to ensure the light can be project to intended spot.

It comes with 9W-0.5m, 18W-1m, and 24W-1.5m, with color in Amber, Golden, and Warm white varieties. It is perfect for decoration of architectural building, garden, square, shopping Mall; It is also ideal for indoor accent, picture illumination.

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