HPS Bulb for Plants Grow Lights Gen1

HPS Bulb for Plants Grow Lights Gen1

Double-Ended and E39


Key Features


  • DE39 and Double-Edge 1000W Premium HPS Bulb for Plants Growing;
  • DE T33 Type, K12x30S Lamp Holder, withstand 3KV transient surge current;
  • 140000lm output, 2000K light with higher red spectrum to enhance plants growing and flowering;
  • Robust quality, Compatible and direct replace Philips and Ushio Bulb;
  • Supper High Lm per watt and superior PAR output, Full Spectrum;
  • Ideal for Greenhouse, plants, medical marijuana growing;

SL1PG-Bulb-HPS lamp is a high Power HPS Bulb for Plants growing, fit E39, or K12x30S double ended lamp holder. It is dimmable and output 140000lm, 2000K lights with higher red spectral ratio enhancing flowering & growth.

It is output enclosed bulb type for safe operation, and withstand 3K transient voltage makes it has long life time and low maintenance cost.

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